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I've been in business since 2003. I grew up on the border of Orange and LA County but started my professional career in Chicago during the end of the film days and moved back to California in 2011. I pride myself on making it easy for the people I work with to be comfortable in front of my camera so they can do there best work. When you come to my studio or meet me at an event or commercial shoot it's my job to listen to what you need and hope to get out of your session and then make that happen. I always have suggestion, ideas and advice. That being said: I always want to hear what you think and am happy to accommodate suggestions as long as they elevate your images and experience.

Besides being an avid believer in continual education in my own field I've also taught photography to students of all ages for the last 6 years. It's a great joy in my life and has made me a more curious photographer and better human being. I've always been quick but now I'm patient too. I owe a lot to my students and fellow photographers. 

I have an actual shooting space and am a full time studio offering business portraits, actor and musician headshots and event services. 


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